What do you look for when you are in need of a photographer… their experience, personality, and creativity? Well, when we got married those were also the things we were also looking for. Paul’Luc Chokota and Angela Christine Bahr had it all, especially wonderful personalities. I was so confident with having them as our photographers I never once thought to give them suggestions or ideas of shots. I also never thought to ask them what do they do if it rains? After months of planning an outside wedding I knew that I was taking a chance because it loves to rain in Florida. The day before our wedding, I spoke with my husband’s PaPa who was housing the wedding. He told me “when they say it is going to rain it never does here on the river.” With the meteorologist saying 30% chance of rain and his experience I was expecting beautiful weather. Boy, was I wrong!

The wedding began at 3pm, and Paul and Christine got there an hour before hand to capture us getting ready and luckily, they got numerous photos of what the wedding was supposed to look like. As the ceremony began, so did the beginning of a Microburst. Each minute, it progressively got worse. Our guests had umbrellas shielding the intense rain and wind, but it was so bad that the umbrellas were not helping. As I looked over my shoulder I noticed Paul doing all he could to continue capturing photos as a broken umbrella was flapping over him and the water gushed like a waterfall onto him. The storm got so bad right as we were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. all eighty of our quests dashed inside to the small two bedroom house. Meanwhile, Christine and Paul were STILL taking photos!

As many guests began to leave, so did the DJ because his equipment got wet and there was no power. He was only able to play the processional. Us, as an easy going couple just smiled and laughed because it was that unbelievable. The day that we pictured as a beautiful wedding on the river was everything but. After twenty minutes it began to clear-up some, but the tents did not protect any of our decorations, tablecloths, or flowers. Everything and everyone was soaking wet, so Shane and I decided to take a walk to the dock and breathe. I asked him if he had seen the photographers because I thought they had left due to the storm. A few moments later I saw them and was praying they were not about to tell me they had to leave too. They walked up to us and said “ready to go take some photos?” and off we went to take photos and make the best of the day without music, table clothes, decorations, and only half our guests to many it may have been a disaster, but we had each other and our families and we were all safe.

Throughout our honeymoon I went on the computer to see what the photos looked like in hopes that there were a few that we looked okay in. There were hundreds that were simply incredible. You would have never known what the day held from many of the photos, but they also captured so many they showed just how incredible the storm was and they both are equally as special. Paul and Christine were way more than photographers during and after the wedding to us. They helped keep the wedding fun and entertaining while capturing every possible thing a bride could dream of. My favorite photo looks staged, but was actually captured as we were all running inside for safety from the incredible storm and we had no idea they were still taking photos. Two things went well on our special day, we still got married and we had the world’s two best photographers! We could never thank them enough for all that they did!

~Mr. and Mrs. Geoghagan

Reflections by Paul 
Paul'Luc Chokota 



avatarGroomWedding: 11/02/2020

posted 11/19/2020 by Alejandro F

My beloved wife and I had a fabulous experience working with Paul. He captured every moment to perfection not to mentioned that he completed our pictures in one day. We were able to go through each one during our honeymoon and this was much appreciated*. We had a very intimate wedding and our families abroad were able to live each moment through his great work. Thanks Paul

avatarBrideWedding: 02/28/2020

posted 03/10/2020 by Ashley H

Paul did my bridal shoot with jens! We had a great time taking the shoot and Paul was very helpful with getting me positioned right sense I'm not really a picture person. They turned out great, better than I would have ever imagined. Thank you paul and Jens you two are the best. Highly recommended!

avatarBrideWedding: 03/13/2020

posted 03/25/2020 by Tracy L

We hired Paul’Luc for our March 2020 wedding. With everything that is going on right now he made sure my our day was perfect. He is so down to earth and everyone loved him., he even helped my bridesmaid make drinks. He was so easy to work with . I’m going to recommend him to everyone I know . He made sure to get perfect shots of our day to remember them for a life time thank you so much !

avatarBrideWedding: 04/03/2020

posted 09/08/2020 by Patricia C

We have a wedding venue on the beach in Saint Augustine Florida. Paul’Luc is our number one Photographer. He’s always early, he spends a ton of time with the 💕Bride’s.We have a wedding venue on the beach in Saint Augustine Florida. Paul’Luc is our number one Photographer. He’s always early, he spends a ton of time with the 💕Bride’s. He even comes to our open houses in offers free Elopement pictures to our Couples. In fact there have been multiple times when other photographers have not had the abilities that Paul’Luc has and we’ve asked him to edit their pictures. As an example, we had a bride who was very dark skinned and the photographer took a lot of pictures of her but in none of them could you clearly see her face… When Paul’Luc was finished with them the pictures were perfect. Highly recommend. Patricia and Seth 💋When Paul’Luc was finished with them the pictures were perfect. Highly recommend. Patricia and Seth Chambers Sea Pearl Weddings & Beachhouse St. Augustine, FL

avatarGroomWedding: 06/05/2020

posted 09/10/2020 by Ali S

Paul was phenomenal! Although it stormed during the reception, he pulled through with what he promised and stayed positive the whole time!

avatarBrideWedding: 08/26/2020

posted 09/22/2020 by Tiana M

paul was amazing to work with. Made us feel super comfortable. Thanks!

avatarGroomWedding: 08/26/2020

posted 09/22/2020 by Dillon R

paul was so much fun to work with. Amazing pics as well!



avatarGroomWedding: 03/13/2020

posted 09/30/2020 by Joshua L

He was very professional and the photos that were taken, were exceptional. My wife and I were very happy with everything. To the poses to pictures of the ceremony, to the departure. It was truly a pleasure having Paul shoot our wedding. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to have their wedding or any other function taken care of.

avatarBrideWedding: 10/02/2020

posted 10/07/2020 by Katrina S

Paul did a great job capturing our special day!

avatarBrideWedding: 10/09/2020

posted 10/12/2020 by Brandee B

Paul was amazing for both our engagement pictures and wedding! He was so much fun and everyone loved him!

avatarParentWedding: 10/09/2020

posted 10/12/2020 by BONNIE S

If you are looking for someone to capture the most important day of your life, look no further. My daughter had the wedding of her dreams and every detail was captured on film. There are a lot of things you can save on when planning your special day but when it comes to a photographer you will want the best! Paul went above and beyond and I cant thank him enough for everything he did to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. The smiles are proof and I cant wait to see all the beautiful photos!! Thank You Paul ...YOU WERE AMAZING

avatarBrideWedding: 10/16/2020

posted 10/26/2020 by Sabrina H

Paul’luc was a great pleasure to work with. He is fun and professional while capturing beautiful moments. Paul knows what he is doing to get just the right photo. Our wedding photos couldn’t be better. I am so happy we chose Paul and his team. I recommend anyone looking to capture special moments to contact Paul’luc Chokota

avatarBrideWedding: 11/02/2020

posted 11/04/2020 by Milena F

We had the pleasure to have Paul as our photographer and his work and professionalism are beyond perfection. He got every detail and coordinated everything to perfection. Thank you Paul for such an amazing experience and from now on I’ll remember “selfie” :) !!!!

avatarBrideWedding: 10/01/2021

posted 11/04/2020 by Alana A

He’s awesome. Very personable, and he knows exactly what kind of shots to get

avatarBrideWedding: 11/13/2020

posted 11/16/2020 by Rachel O

Paul was an absolute pleasure to work with. I was not expecting to get our wedding photos back for a few weeks, but Paul had them done within 24 hours! They are beautiful and every single moment was captured beautifully. I would recommend him to anyone with a wedding coming up. He definitely will not let you down.

avatarGroomWedding: 11/13/2020

posted 11/16/2020 by Allen M

Paul was stellar to work with! He and Lisa were an excellent team, and we got photos back the very next day! I can definitely appreciate having a photographer who knows their way around a Catholic Wedding, and the timing of the photos prove it. Paul being a Brother Knight of Columbus doesn’t hurt either!! I definetly recommend Paul and the team for all your wedding needs, we are so happy with how things turned out and still have many more photos to go through! Thanks Paul, you’re a photography rockstar.



avatarGroomWedding: 10/21/2017

posted 07/01/2019 by Yves M (updated 07/04/2019 )

My wife and I worked with Paul on our wedding day and the 2 days prior to our wedding. It would be an understatement to say he was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely accommodating and spent all of his time focusing on our needs and desires. Working with Paul was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. The pictures were wonderful and he got them back to us very quickly. If you have the opportunity to work with Paul I highly suggest it.


avatarBrideWedding: 04/25/2014

posted 10/31/2019 by Jessica P

We have actually had the pleasure of using Paul on more than one occasion. He took beautiful engagement photos, gorgeous wedding photos, and perfect family photos. The attention to detail in editing is nothing short of exceptional. Not to mention amount of shots he took, all tucked safely on a hard drive, to enjoy and print as I please! He was also amazing at getting my husband (who HATES getting photos taken) to smile and laugh. He definitely has a keen eye for that perfect shot, both fun and breathtaking. Photography is the one thing I wasn’t willing to skimp on with my wedding, and I sincerely don’t regret choosing Paul. His work is absolutely stunning!!


avatarParentWedding: 04/25/2014

 10/30/2019 by Chris L

Paul shot my daughter's sunset wedding on the gulf of Florida. We were very pleased with the photos. Paul definitely has a unique perspective but is very professional. Paul took pictures of the rehearsal and dinner and all the shenanigans that take place on the day of the wedding as well as afterwards. I have also used pole for family photo shoots for two of my daughters. I would recommend Paul to anyone. You will not be disappointed.




posted 10/28/2019 by Keith G

As a professional photographer myself, I had no misgivings about Paul Chokota and the other professionals shooting my son's wedding. Paul's photographs stood out above others that were shooting. I would recommend Paul to anyone. Get the high end package, It's always worth it.


avatarGroomWedding: 05/22/2015

posted 10/27/2019 by Jerry H

I had hired Paul In advance to shoot our wedding and at the time we didn’t have anything planned. With that Paul went to work, long story short had a beach wedding ( we are from southeast Missouri) the way he catches his shots to me is unexplainable his attitude the way he carries his self is beyond professional, his ideas on getting the right shot and not copying what another photographer may do was amazing. We look to hire him again for anniversary pictures, to me Paul’s talent with a camera is worth the drive across a few states to me.


avatarBrideWedding: 09/20/2013

posted 10/15/2019 by Melanie H

Paul and his team did a great job. Very creative.


avatarBrideWedding: 08/04/2017

posted 10/14/2019 by Genesis P

Paul and Jens did a phenomenal job taking our wedding pictures! I still look back and look at the beautiful pictures and remember how much I cherish that day. Thank you Paul and Jens you guys did a wonderful job capturing every moment of our special day!


avatarBrideWedding: 02/28/2016

posted 10/14/2019 by Karen B

Paul's unique style of photography and personal manner helped make our wedding day joyful and creative. The stunning images allow us to cherish and remember those special moments forever with an extra sense of magic that we didn't feel we could get from other photographers. His photography stood out from the sea of "vanilla" images we saw at the bridal expo... we could tell he put something extra special into his work and we weren't disappointed. Photographs were a top priority for us and we highly suggest Paul if they are an important part of your special occassion.


avatarBrideWedding: 09/08/2006

posted 09/09/2019 by Theresa M

Paul is a true artist of photography. He captured all our favorite moments. He listened to what was important to us and made sure everything we wanted was included. We are so thankful to have such wonderful memories perfectly preserved. It’s been thirteen years since our wedding and we continue to enjoy looking back through our wedding and reception photos and reliving the love and happiness we shared with our friends and family.


avatarOtherWedding: 04/08/2017

posted 07/14/2019 by Crystal C

My wife and I were nervous about finding a photographer that would be open to photographing two women in as traditional a way as possible and Paul exceeded our expectations. He was very personable and really took his time to ensure all our photos turned out amazing. I definitely recommend him :).


avatarBrideWedding: 03/18/2017

posted 07/10/2019 by Renee N

When my husband and I met Paul, we knew that he was the photographer that we wanted for our wedding. His personality, experience, and knowledge about his craft stood out above all others. Paul has such a great eye and all of our wedding photos were amazing. He was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with.


avatarBrideWedding: 05/31/2019

posted 06/28/2019 by Stephanie S

What a joy it was working with Paul at our wedding!! We had a blast and lots of laughs. He made the day go by smoothly with great ideas and the photos turned out more spectacular than we could have imagined! Highly recommended him for all aspects to grab those memories you never want to forget!! Thank you Paul for everything!


avatarGroomWedding: 06/30/2017

posted 05/14/2019 by Jared V

Paul was absolutely great to have as our photographer! Not only does he take amazing photos, he also has a great personality which maid the whole process a lot of fun and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend him for your wedding and any other event you’re considering him for!

avatarBrideWedding: 04/26/2019

posted 05/06/2019 by Kyla W

Paul is AMAZING! would totally recommend him for anything you need pictures for. He does a fantastic job. He was so much fun to be around and he really liked that everyone in my bridal party including me was wearing cowboy boots. he really helped make my wedding special by capturing a lot of special moments. He was also super quick with getting the pictures back to us.

avatarParentWedding: 04/26/2019

posted 05/06/2019 by Jenny W

God was truly looking out for us when he put Paul in our path to do my daughter’s wedding. His pictures are amazing. He has a true gift in capturing the moment in ways most people’s imaginations can’t even go. He also has a way of connecting with the bride and groom to get those expressions he is looking for. He fit right in with our family and loved Kyla’s blue boots. We will be talking about him and his pictures for a long time. He went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable with him. He was extremely responsive and has continued to make sure we were satisfied even after the wedding was over. He also was super fast. We had our pictures within a week of the wedding. Kyla could keep on living that moment and didn’t have to wait. I would recommend Paul to everyone I know.


avatarGroomWedding: 04/05/2019

posted 04/29/2019 by Lee M

We did not realize how important a professional photographer was until our wedding day. Paul fare exceeded expectations and what we had imagined. From the beginning to the end Paul worked his magic but never made anyone feel out of place when he was trying to capture a picture. We invited him to join us for dinner as well and he fit right in like he was part of the family. We can't thank Paul enough for driving down a dirt road to capture our wedding day. Paul did an exceptional job and is the one and only wedding photographer I'd recommend.


avatarBrideWedding: 06/24/2011

posted 04/24/2019 by Mikala L

Paul is such a wonderful photographer! We were so lucky we hired him. He made our wedding so much fun and we loved all of his photos! I had many compliments on our pictures and everyone loved Paul!


avatarParentWedding: 06/30/2017

posted 04/21/2019 by Lisa O

As a professional photographer I had a difficult time trusting another photographing my oldest daughter's wedding . Paul went above and beyond photographing her wedding. His work and personality are the best.


avatarBrideWedding: 09/11/2015

posted 04/12/2019 by Casie A

Paul was absolutely fantastic to work with!! He shot my husband and my wedding and he made everything so comfortable and came up with great photos and places to shoot for such memorable photos. Highly recommend Paul for any type of photos!!!


avatarGroomWedding: 10/09/2015

posted 04/11/2019 by Tim & Savannah O

My wife and I used Paul for our engagement shoot and wedding. The photos look incredible! He has a lot of really cool ideas that make for memorable photos. Not only that, but the image files are really big so the photos never lose quality as you blow them up, even to poster size!



avatarParentWedding: 03/16/2017

posted 04/07/2019 by Paul W

Paul'Luc is by far the BEST when it comes to photographing your up coming wedding or personal event! Originality, Exceptional, Fantastic, Creativity, and Professionalism are just a few words that come to mind when describing this true professional. We booked Paul'Luc for our daughters wedding and the results were beyond our expectations! It is my please to recommend Paul'Luc for your upcoming event. You will be amazed!


avatarParentWedding: 09/21/2018

posted 04/05/2019 by Kelly M

Paul was superb from beginning to end!! He was there for every aspect from the bridal party getting ready to the last dance. His personality put everyone at ease and he was just plain fun to work with!! His ideas for shots were really unique and not the same old standard stuff you always see. My son and his wife were beyond thrilled with their pictures and spent hours trying yo figure out which one's to print because they were ALL so great! By far worth every penny that was spent in hiring him. Will definitely use him for future picture needs!!


avatarBrideWedding: 06/15/2018

posted 03/25/2019 by Ashley M

If you are like me and want unique wedding pictures, he is your guy. Still to this day i continue to see Paul’s photographs, they truly are amazing and beautiful. He helps capture a lifetime of beautiful memories and that to me is priceless. On such a happy wedding day there can also be a little chaos and things can get overwhelming but when it was time to take pictures Paul’s personality was just awesome. His personality is so fun & uplifting.


avatarBrideWedding: 10/19/2018

posted 03/24/2019 by Diana Marie K

Paul is an incredible genius. He is a great photographer finding the perfect moments and shots that will leave you breathless. He did my wedding and while it was the best day of my life, I love looking back at all the the uniques shots that he took. He captured the happiest, most fun, perfect lights and spectacular settings to make my wedding day unforgettable. You should absolutely schedule him for your next event - no questions asked.


avatarBrideWedding: 10/10/2014

posted 03/24/2019 by Sara M

I met Paul at a Bridal show in 2013. His work and personality both peaked my interest. He is as down to earth and real as his photos are magnificent and he seems to understand that he’s not in the photo business as much as he’s in the people business. He is relatable, kind, professional and his talent is above par for the price we paid. His work is a testimony to that. He went above and beyond to make our wedding day, baby bump, family and business photos absolutely perfect. We liked him so much as a person that we invited him to our daughters birthday parties. You will not regret getting to know him or using his services for any of your photography needs.


avatarGroomWedding: 09/21/2018

posted 03/24/2019 by Logan M

Paul went above and beyond to give us memories from our wedding that we’ll never forget. If you’re looking for an experienced professional, who has you and your partners best interest while shooting, Paul is your guy!


avatarParentWedding: 12/18/2015

posted 03/22/2019 by Mike T

Paul is a very talented photographer! He photographed our daughter's wedding and did a wonderful job capturing this special moment for us to share for years to come! I highly recommend him!


avatarBrideWedding: 07/18/2014

posted 03/22/2019 by Cynthia T

Loved working with Paul on such an important day. Lots of energy and great ideas! Very easy to work with. Listened when it mattered, and put effort into making what we wanted happen.


avatarBrideWedding: 12/31/2018

posted 03/22/2019 by Janelle M

Paul is a very talented photographer and artist! He made us all feel very comfortable and we really enjoyed working with him! I would definitely recommend Paul and would use him again in the future. The day of our wedding he even surprised us with an additional photographer and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience!!


avatarGroomWedding: 03/15/2013

posted 03/22/2019 by John A

Paul is so much fun and has a great relationship with the people he photographs. Very talented, and he spents the time to get all the shots you want! You wont be disappointed!


avatarBrideWedding: 06/12/2015

posted 03/22/2019 by Vanessa S

Paul is absolutely incredible!! He listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered above and beyond our expectations. Our wedding photos still bring me such joy and emotion when I look back on them 4 years later.


avatarBrideWedding: 04/06/2018

posted 03/22/2019 by Amber M

Paul is the best! He is so sweet he will work with you and talk to you make sure you are happy and my wedding was beautiful and the pictures amazing he does a wonderful job. I am so happy that our family friend and my mother-in-law find him to take puctures at my wedding my husband and I were very happy with Paul. You won't be disappointed not at all you would love him :) he is wonderful and sweet person.


avatarBrideWedding: 06/14/2018

posted 03/21/2019 by Missy O

Paul is the best! If you want a great wedding photographer he’s the best out there. He’s very accommodating and easy to work with. He really does care about his clients and getting those perfect shots on your special day. Book him! You will not be disappointed.


avatarBrideWedding: 05/04/2017

posted 03/21/2019 by Staci D (updated 03/21/2019 )

I met Paul at a Wedding Expo. several years ago as I was in search of a really good photographer. Not only did I think that Paul displayed the best quality of photos at the expo., but he also offered the best price for what I was looking for! Paul was great to work with, and he is an example of a true photographer. His professional work includes 40+ years of photography experience, so he is able to take amazing shots of anything you ask him to! Not only did I find an excellent and affordable photographer for my wedding, but I also found a photographer that I will be using for the rest of my life.


avatarParentWedding: 06/14/2018

posted 03/20/2019 by Kathy M

On a scale of 1-5 ⭐️, I rate Paul a 10 😊. You can choose an above average “photographer” with fancy equipment and a lower price OR you can choose Paul - a true professional with an artistic eye and talent to capture beautiful moments on your special day. Paul has an uncanny ability to bond with the wedding party and engages everyone to have fun while seamlessly working through the crowd, all while catching magical moments between his lens. He has a knack for seeing subtle details and incorporating the background to showcase a rare shot that would otherwise be missed (a rainbow behind the happy couple sharing a kiss). You get what you pay for. If you’re spending tens of thousands of dollars on this special day, invest in Paul and you will be able to not only trust you will maintain a lifetime of memories, but also receive the quality that only a real professional (did I mention artist) will deliver.


avatarBrideWedding: 06/22/2018

posted 03/20/2019 by Latoya B

Paul is a great tale talented photographer. Loves his job and the outcome is amazing so glad we choose to go with him for our engagement and reception pictures. Knows how to interact with the crowd and make sure everyone is on point while having a great time. Thank You


avatarBrideWedding: 11/16/2018

posted 03/20/2019 by Ashley H

Paul was amazing! He went above and beyond. I had certain pictures I wanted...he performed and exceeded that. He is extremely comfortable to be around and knows his job inside and out. I am horrible at posing for pictures and he helped my husband and I and created the most stunning, breathtaking images. The turn around rate was extremely quick. You can tell he has a true passion for photography and goes above all expectations for his customers.


avatarParentWedding: 05/05/2017

posted 03/20/2019 by Barbara K

I cannot rave enough about Paul and his magnificent talent. He did the photography for my daughter's engagement, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception and the photographs were nothing less than spectacular. He is prompt, professional and very fun. He was easy to work with and truly has a passion for his work. My daughter got all of the digital images, not just a book of prints. She was able to select her favorites and create copies as she chose to. I recommend Paul with no hesitation. You won't be disappointed!



posted 03/20/2019 by Sarah L

Paul’Luc is just an awesome and fun person all around. He is very personable and down to earth which helped us get the really good shots because we felt comfortable with him. We were shocked with the amount of pictures we received after the wedding. He went above and beyond for us when a guest at our wedding ruined a picture we had on display by replacing it no questions asked. When anyone asks for a photographer recommendation in the Jacksonville area, Paul’Luc is the first and only photographer I recommend! He really helped make our big day feel special by capturing it in all the unique ways he our shot photos. Highly recommend!!!



posted 03/20/2019 by Janet M

Paul is one of the most talented artist/photographer I have had the pleasure to work with! Not only did he do a stellar job at capturing our special day and all associated events he created an album that will treasure that forever! He used the most top quality photo paper and it is a beautiful album that I am proud to have as part of our memories ! I would recommend Paul to take pictures for your wedding hands-down the best ! He has an eye like no one else to capture your love and special day.


avatarBrideWedding: 09/21/2018

posted 03/17/2019 by Corina M

Paul was top notch at our wedding! He was very professional and great to work with. His shots came out to he absolutely stunning and we were very happy with the end product. I definitely recommend him for any photography needs.